Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thank G-d I live in PA and not AZ

Someone posted this over on one of the groups I belong to on Facebook.

A man in Arizona is being denied a life saving transplant....not because there is no donor but rather the Governor of that Arizona has decided that the states medicaid program should not pay for Transplants.


For the last year we have been slammed by certain Political Parties..."The passage of health care reform will lead to Death Review Panels....etc, etc, etc."

I would just like to point out for the record that this GOVERNOR is a Member of the GOP!!!

I usually don't like to post about religion or politics on this blog but when this was sent to me I knew that I would break this rule.

It is just wrong that we are denying someone the gift of life because they can not pay for it themselves....what the HELL has happened to this country???? I bet this Governor is PRO-LIFE and ANTI DEATH PENALTY...But it is O.K. to let this man die because he does not have private health insurance?

Everyone deserves the right to life...regardless of the cost!!! O.K. so what happens next in ARIZONA....are they going to deny treatment to everyone who is on their state medicaid.....Here is a question MR. DIPSHIT GOVERNOR..."WHY DOES YOUR STATE OFFER MEDICAID TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT INSURANCE IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LET THEM GET THE LIFE SAVING TREATMENT THAT THEY NEED?"

You know what makes me angry....besides stupid people....We as Americans are sending our young people and our money all over the world to help those who can not help themselves and to defend them so they are not kept down by dictators and hostile governments yet we TURN OUR BACKS ON OUR OWN CITIZENS...WE GO AND GIVE MEDICAL AIDE TO THOSE IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES...BUT IGNORE THE SICK HERE...WE FIGHT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NO RIGHTS...BUT YET WE DO NOTHING ABOUT INJUSTICES LIKE THIS!!

Every American should be outraged and get on their knees tonight and Pray..pray...NO BEG G-d to keep you healthy...especially if you live in Arizona....but just remember we never know when this will happen in our own individual states.

Today and tonight I am grateful that I got my life saving organ...please pray that Said DIPSHIT GOVERNOR changes his PEA SIZE MIND!!

I Promise that tomorrows post will be a lighter one.

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