Sunday, November 28, 2010

Please stop testing me to see if I have changed!!

Dear G-d,

Hey its me.....I just have a little favor to ask of you...I know that you like to occasionally throw one or to test my way each day to make sure I can keep my anger and mood in check but...I really think you have done enough testing for one day and it is not even noon.

OK so I was up till fault I guess...this new heart does not like it if I nap for more then a half hour. However, first the coffee that I set up ends up with the grinds all in I was going to run it again in a new filter the other one broke before I could get it to the I decided to just load the dishwasher and clean things up...what happens...I smash my little finger in the door way while moving the dishwasher...people need things but...instead of asking me to find it so I can move things along...they ask the boy (not his fault but he gets stuff so mixed up) that I end up getting interrupted from what I was doing to handle the situation. I would like if I can at least get 30 minutes of meditation in without being disturbed.

As I say...I keep on trying....but sometimes I think you get to much of a chuckle watching me with my daily struggles.

And finally G-d if The Steelers could play one game without giving me a heart attack that would be great.

Thanks and have a great day!!!

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